African Bull Frog vs. Smart Phone


Ood vs. iPhone

I just had a funny thought at work as I was on my way to the bathroom. I was nearly plowed over in the hallway by this woman walking toward me while looking down at her iPhone.  It became obvious pretty quickly that she wasn’t aware of her surroundings as she headed directly towards me and I had to make a quick shift to the right to avoid bumping into her.  So this experience got me thinking…

The creature on the left is called an ‘Ood’ and it’s an alien from the current Doctor Who franchise.  I’d like to draw your attention to that round thingy it is holding.  I think it’s some sort of communication device that allows them to interact with other species, but I can’t help thinking it bears a striking resemblance to the iPhone. 
It’s a physical part of their body and they carry it everywhere.  As humans, I think we’re pretty much one step away from this ourselves.  How many times a day do you encounter people walking around oblivious to every single thing happening around them except their bloody phone?
OK. I admit ,like a gazillion other people, I own an iPhone.  I love my iPhone, but I’m not in love with my iPhone.  Know what I mean?  By nature, I’m an introvert and you’d probably expect me to say that I love the solitude that using a smart phone provides me on a daily basis, but I don’t at all.   I still believe that being present and giving my 100% attention to someone or something is much more important than checking my Gmail or texting a buddy at any given time of day.
I’ve been to movies where people sit there in the dark illuminated by their iPhone screen because they just can’t seem to shut themselves off from the world for the 90 minutes it would take to watch a film.  I’ve been to concerts where people stand up and try to capture every second of the musical experience by using the video on their Smartphone instead of just enjoying the show that they paid big bucks to see.  Finally, I’ve been to meetings where half the folks in attendance are texting or checking their phone rather than paying attention to what is being discussed.  I’m getting really sick of it.
You’re not going to get any argument from me about how amazing and convenient it is to use a Smartphone.  I love my Apps and my ability to have access to pretty much everything in the digital format.  Sometimes I just worry that these phones is just another way of allowing ourselves to be driven by distraction rather than being driven by the life that is actually happening around us.
With that being said, I’m off to play Angry Birds.  (just kidding!)

Packing For Our Trip

First of all, why didn’t I buy myself this adorable Hello Kitty suitcase for our trip to Las Vegas?

I waited until the last minute to prepare for our trip.  It’s Saturday and the only major thing I’ve been able to accomplish is getting our 2010 income taxes done and entering all my Coke reward caps.

My purse has been emptied out onto the kitchen table and I know that I need to sort through everything and decide exactly what to carry in my vacation purse.  But I’m finding that to be a bit more challenging than expected.

If you were to walk into my kitchen right now, you’d see the following on the table:

  • Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones
  • Amazon Kindle with charger
  • Cell phone with charger
  • Las Vegas guide
  • Several Post-It notes with unintelligible scribbles
  • Digital camera with charger
  • Flip video with charger
  • Neck Pillow and eye mask
I think I’ve got too many things with power supplies.  
So I’m not sure what I’m going to end up taking, but I sort of feel like a judge on American Idol when they’re down to choosing the Final 13.  Do I take the Kindle or the paperback?  The camera or the Flip?
Really it’s not that bad.  I had wanted to do a little clothes shopping today while Spencer was working, but I decided to just bring some Capri pants and light shirts because the weather is supposed to be in the mid-70’s.  Anything is better than what it was like this morning walking Minnie. I still had my winter coat, gloves and tassle hat on to keep me warm.
The Worcester Airport Limo is picking us up at 5:30am tomorrow morning. Plus it’s Daylight Savings Time which means it will feel like 4:30am instead. Then there’s going to be that killer time-zone difference once we hit Las Vegas.  It ought to interesting.
Seriously, I cannot wait to get away.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have all this stuff weighing me down.  Technology is great, but sometimes too much of a good thing is simply too much.
Stay Tuned for my Day 1 Adventure in Sin City.

Google Voice Strikes Out Again

My co-worker and very good friend Patty left me a voice mail yesterday because her husband had taken ill and she was at the hospital.  This is my Google Voice translation of the voice mail she left me:

Hey Kimma, It’s Gary 130 on. Hi Kim and was gonna call you on work phone, but ha. I’m at thehospital right now, so there’s A. at that was going on. Let you know marketing on the phone 3today. What’s going on. It’s probably in the on this morning, the mobile hospital in has been admittedto just care will be here this morning. Yeah think he has we have. Well, it looks like doublepneumonia and blood infection. Excellent. Yeah evening so hi. I’ll catch up with you. Bye.

Google Voice

I was lucky enough to snag an invite to Google Voice about two months ago.  I signed up and linked my cell phone number to my Google Voice account so that any messages left on my cell would be transcribed and emailed to me from Google.  Not only does it transcribe the message, there’s also a nifty little play button so I can actually hear the message as well.  Good thing they added this feature because Google Voice didn’t do such a good job with my first voice mail:

“Hey Kimma, It’s Barry it’s yes, good morning. It’s about 20 Bates and let you know i’m money. Heylate patio, so if you don’t wanna wait some coffee. We’ll meet that’s fine of the couple of years. Reallybefore 8:30, but but he completely my, my mother was because of the hospital buzz that those are.Ohh til about o’clock this morning but so If, a, you don’t wanna leave that’s okay. I’ll see you bye. “

Essentially the voice mail should have said this:

Hi Kim, it’s Patty.  It’s umm Thursday morning, about twenty to eight and I just wanted to let you know I’m running late late today. Umm…so if you don’t want to wait for coffee for me that’s fine. I’ll probably be in before 8:30 (yawn)…I was up pretty late. My mother was taken to the hospital last night. I was up till about 2 o’clock this morning.But ummm like I said, if you don’t want to wait, that’s OK.  I’ll see ya. Bye.

Needless to say, Google Voice did a pretty poor job translating my voice mail, but Patty and I got a really good laugh over it.

And now I call my friend Barry as a joke instead of her real name.  Thanks Google Voice.