What She Order..

Kanye and Kim ordering Fish Filet from McDonalds? via Deerpong


Redneck Raindeer

Redneck Raindeer:

Well I suppose it wouldn’t be truly redneck if “reindeer” was actually spelled correctly. Either way I’m sure all the little kids walking by your truck will be super excited to see Rudolph meet his maker in this type of reindeer game.


Dirt Off Your Shoulder-Royal Style

Prince William dancing with Vanessa Boateng during a reception on December 21st. I love how his wife Kate looks on amused with that big smile on her face while her husband is mean-mugging it.   As Kanye would say, “That shit cray!”


What a Face!

What a Face! by Joel Brochu
What a Face!, a photo by Joel Brochu on Flickr.

It took 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles to make this Beagle mosaic. This is truly a work of art.


My Penchant for Crochet


Tastes Like Chicken

Pretty much every day I come across something funny to share with selected friends and co-workers. 

I sent this picture on the left out this past Friday morning with the subject line: TGIF

My former co-worker and constant friend Jillian responded back: “Bet it tastes like chicken.”
My current co-worker and also constant friend Michelle quickly replied back: “Spoken like a true non-mom! True mom’s know babies taste like shit! HA!” 

I love my co-workers and hopefully they constantly love me back.


Why Bother?

Why Bother by p!speaks
Why Bother, a photo by p!speaks on Flickr.

Spencer and I are going to try a Tai Chi class this morning at Shrewsbury Health and Racquet Club.

I know we won’t be doing any ‘downward dog’ moves, but I’m hoping the first class is slow, easy and relaxing. Just like this Beagle named Bruce.