Snowtorious B.I.G.

Mother Nature gave me my birthday gift early this year – SNOW!  In fact, she really went all out with my present ’cause she wrapped up the snow in all this beautiful wind that deceptively makes the snow seem all soft and fluffy when clearly it’s not.

Luckily for us, a blessed teen showed up on our doorstep this afternoon looking to shovel out the walk and the driveway.  Now that’s the kind of present I’m talking about and it doesn’t even phase me one bit that I had to pay for it.  I powered him up with glass bottles of Coke and thanked him profusely in flipping great wads of my cash.

The view out our window this afternoon was pretty non-existent until I saw this dad pulling his toddler behind him in this really cute sled.  The little boy was bundled up in overprotective layers-so much so that I could only see his eyes-and all the padding this little kid was wearing made it seem like if the wind picked him up, well, he’d bounce all the way home.  It would have been a Hallmark moment, but then the dad reached into his pocket for his smokes and proceeded to light up before gathering up the sled’s rope and moving on.  I just don’t see how you can smoke in a blizzard, but that’s just my non-smoker judgmental opinion rearing it’s ugly head.

Eventually the snow stopped falling and we decided to take Minnie out for a walk through the neighborhood to see if we could be witness to any fallen power lines, abandoned vehicles or general mayhem taking place around us.  It was pretty uneventful.  But the wind was whipping so badly that we couldn’t see anything so we relied on our Beagle Minnie to tug on her leash and lead us safely home. Seriously, she could be a sled dog if it wasn’t for her ample midsection.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to DIRECTV for withstanding the inclement weather conditions which allowed me to watch that new Oprah show ‘Master Class‘ so I could learn a little bit more about the great Jay-Z and to the makers of Kellogg’s for yet another delicious bowl of Fruit Loops with Marshmallows enjoyed while watching Hova on Oprah’s new network. I couldn’t have gotten through this pre-Birthday without both of you.

And now, last but not least, Mother Nature for giving me a gift that will keep on giving all season long. (I hope she kept the receipt!)


Honda vs. Toyota

This was the scene of my big excitement today.  I was going to the groomer to pick up Minnie from her bubble bath and came across this hot mess.

The Toyota was brandy new and the guy driving it was a Papa Gino’s pizza delivery guy just trying to get someone one of their pizza’s for lunch.

The man driving the Honda SUV apparently jumped out of his truck immediately after impact, but after finding out the guy that hit him was working for Papa Gino’s that’s when he started to feel all tingly and needed medical assistance.

The irony of this incident is where it happened – right in front of an EMT training center.  So by the time I gathered Minnie and we were heading for the car, the EMT class was getting out and let’s just say they were interested in a little hands-on training.

My First Solo Mission

Sadly I went shopping today, all by myself, during lunch because one of my friends (and most favorite co-worker) is no longer working with me. She’s moved on to EMC in Hopkinton, MA.
I had intended to visit Staples in Westborough to wander the aisles since I haven’t been there in months and haven’t checked out their Back-To-School merchandising.  But instead I was pulled towards Home Goods to check out their Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations.
Aside from the aisles and aisles of decorative seasonal décor, I came across some really interesting things that I was tempted to purchase, but restrained myself. They had a wooden standing magazine stand that would be just perfect to place in my hallway for $50.00.  (I’m still undecided and might swing by on my way home from work to buy it!) 
I found a  bright yellow smiley face canister with a latch on the side.  I had to buy it, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  My guess is it’s being added to my smiley face collection which will eventually be displayed in my curio case.
In their pet section I found a marked-down doggy frame and seriously considered buying your dog Anke a rawhide birthday card, but I put it back because it wasn’t personalized enough.  (God forbid I buy my friend’s dog a card and it doesn’t have my personal touch of humor and sentiment.)  
I also dug around in their clearance section and found some Beagle embroidered hand towels that I bought for the newly painted bathroom.
I remember this feather wreath I thought I would buy as an Easter decoration a while back, but Jillian thought it was too tacky and thus perfect for me.  Well, months later Home Goods has had one in pale green that would have looked perfect hanging on my bathroom wall for a mere $14, but I didn’t buy it because we tend to use a lot of baby powder post shower and I wasn’t sure if the powder particles would float around and attach themselves to the wreath.
I lurked around in their children’s décor section and found two blue throw pillows each saying ‘Jacob’ and ‘Edward’….  I left them alone, but took a picture of them on my cell phone for posterity to show all my Twilight buddies!
As I was checking out, I grabbed a box of Mini Liquorice Allsorts by McKeever Danlee for $1.99 as my impulse buy.  (The back of the box said they were a product of South Africa and may contain Gluten. ) I cracked open the box upon returning to the office and they were delicious. I’ve never had mini Allsorts.  Weird.

Snug Life

Snug Life

Spencer and I picked up two Snuggie rip-offs at BJ’s last week. Spencer remarked that the Snuggie is like putting on a bathrobe backwards except that our rip-off Snuggie has pockets. We were able to buy a dark blue Snuggie and a Cranberry one to match our new couch that we put in our ‘Entertainment’ room.

But the picture above of some lady actually wearing her Snuggie while roaming the aisles of Wal-Mart is just too much. Before I would be appalled that people would go shopping in their pajama bottoms, but wearing a Snuggie has taken casual wear to a whole new level.

If only we could have Snuggie Friday at work.


I spent the entire day today on the computer.  I did manage a brief nap this afternoon, but otherwise I read all my RSS feeds, posted furiously on Facebook and worked through over 700 plus emails in my personal in box.

I came across an email I sent to myself back on September 24th that contained snippets of blog ideas, but now that I read them nearly a month later…the humor seems gone. So I’m going to post them in bullet form just to say that I did something with them this time rather than delete them.

Here are my ideas for a blog post from my lunchtime visit to Lowe’s with my friend/co-worker Jillian back on September 24th:

  • Candy dish with hairy hand reminds Jillian of Pete
  • Cute little girl in the Christmas decorations aisle with chunky cheeks
  • Stand alone electric fireplace cabinet for Jillian’s room
  • HUGE leaf sucker attachment
  • Nylon twisty ties for $5.88 too expensive
  • Disco Ball curtain rods
  • Boring kitchen curtains
  • Claw foot bath tub – Jillian got in and I took her picture
  • Jillian buying bulbs to feed the squirrels – cashier suggested moth balls
  • Gray haired dude with white beard sitting in a plastic chair at the exit of the Lowe’s parking lot – was he tailgating at noon?
[drawing courtesy of my mom Gloria Silva]

Skeleton Made From Sporks

ROOTED winner: Cutlery Skeleton

I guess I just have this fascination with Sporks. So you can imagine how delighted I was to come across a human skeleton made out of Sporks.This skeleton was entered into the Rooted competition and won.

Rooted gives out awards to artist displaying their work  anywhere they want, in any form as long as the subject matter doesn’t deface anybody’s work.
This sporky guy was created by five Kingston grads..{courtesy of ShellSuit Zombie}

And Now The Time Has Come

Well, vacation is officially over and it’s back to Bose tomorrow.  I had an amazing 11 straight days away from the office and enjoyed a very good vacation.

Each day I found myself counting on my fingers how many days I had left of the vacation.  I know that sounds kind of weird because I really should have just been enjoying myself rather than participating in my own personal count-down , but I couldn’t help it.  Perhaps I place far too much emphasis on vacations?

Spencer tells me that I have to stop thinking of my vacation like it’s an all or nothing event.  Of course he’s  right. Before the vacation I wrote down lists of things to get done since I had all that time off.  I was going to get my car detailed, visit Walden Pond and hang up mini-blinds and balance the check book.  Instead I had a very nice and relaxing vacation.

We stayed overnight in Freeport, Maine.  I got the Mazda 3 inspected.  I got caught up on all my RSS feeds and cleaned out my in box.  We saw Penn & Teller at the MGM Theater at Foxwood Casino this past Thursday night. I went clothes shopping and had lunch at Red Robin.  We took Minnie to the park and I cooked up some burgers.  And how can I forget this past Saturday when I finally got around to organizing all my office supplies down in the basement.  You may not think this would have been a big deal, but it was office supplies and anyone who knows me can attest that I love me some office supplies.  Everything is finally organized and has a place.  It feels pretty good.

I read a little bit this afternoon and took my last long nap of the vacation.  But it’s OK.  I know there are more fun things to come my way.  I’m looking forward to the start of Summer and soft serve ice cream although I’m not sure in which order.