Happy Thanksgiving!

My bestie Marty just texted me a picture of the Hello Kitty balloon seen at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m not a parade sort of gal, but seeing this in person from the ground certainly would have been worth it.  But since I have such awesome friends, I didn’t need to be there because when she saw that big old kitty she instantly thought of me.

It seems the common thing to do during this holiday is to become reflective about things in your life you are most grateful for.

In no particular order, here is my list of people, places and things that make me want to high-five total strangers just to show them how happy I am today:

  • Amazon Prime: The $79 bucks that I paid for this 2-day delivery service is going to save me from all the frustration of holiday shopping in the upcoming weeks.
  • Music: This past week has seen some incredible new releases from some of my favorite artists and right now I can’t wait to get in my car and drive with the volume turned up to level 16.
  • Bose: I just accepted a new position within the company as a Retail Analyst. I’ve begun to meet new people and learn lots of new things about Retail that has me energized and excited to get out of bed every day, not to mention how thrilled I am to have a brand new laptop and shorter commute to work.
  • Spencer: All mushy stuff aside, I am thankful to have spent these past 24 years of my life with him.
  • Cold Nights: Our beagle Minnie is more than happy to snuggle up to us in the bed every night now that the temps have dropped and somehow feeling her weight against the back of my legs or hearing her gentle snoring adds a sense of peace to the night.
  • Friends: My co-worker and friend Patty recently invited me to join her and her family for Hanukkah dinner on December 5th. I know I’ll probably be looked upon as a strange invite at the dinner table by some of her family, but the fact that she’s welcoming me into her inner sanctum means more to me than I can say.
  • Pomegranates: I look forward to ending each day sitting in front of the TV watching a favorite show and picking those damn little juicy seeds out of their skin and happily eating each seed while I stain the tips of my fingers yellow and try not to make too much of a mess.
  • That’s Entertainment: Spencer and I take a trip to this comic book store every Sunday morning.  He buys old video games and I buy a couple of Smurfs each week. I love walking through the aisles because it allows me to be exposed to this whole other world of collecting that I’ve never experienced before.  While I see adults talk excitedly about comic books, I get lost in my own world searching for old toys and appreciating the thrill of the hunt.  Currently I’ve got my eye on this Fisher Price xylophone in it’s original box, but I talk myself out of buying it every time we go there.  I know I’m going to buy it, but just knowing that it remains on the shelf, unsold, week after week will only make it more special to me when I finally give in.
So that’s my short list of things right now.  I hope you take the time to come up with your own list and reflect on what makes you grateful this Thanksgiving.

Kathy Griffin @ The Hanover Theater

 Karen and I went to see the comedian Kathy Griffin tonight at the Hanover.  Karen turned 40 this past September and since we both love Kathy Griffin, I thought treating her to (nearly) front row center seats would be a great gift.

Kathy walked out to the roar of the crowd and just did a fantastic job owning the entire place.  She dished on celebrities, talked about how she dedicated a chapter of her book about a bad stand-up performance in Worcester and closed the show by reading a purported drunk 2am email from her mother Maggie sharing her Last Wishes. 
I hate crowds so naturally I stayed behind while everybody filed out.  I passed the time by taking some photos of the ornate chandeliers and got a pretty good picture of Karen talking on her cell phone, but here’s the best part:  as we were beginning to leave this middle-aged woman walked up to the stage and asked the stage hand if she could have the red plastic cup that Kathy used to drink her water from during the performance.  The look on the guys face was precious and I wish I could have captured the moment.  He must have been thinking,  “Really? You want the plastic cup? OK… here take it.  Less trash for me to clean up.”
Speaking of trash…I was feeling kind of bad seeing all the senior citizen ushers walking through the aisles after the show collecting the empty glass beer bottles and cups left by the audience. It made me sad.
Way to keep it classy Worcester.

Birthday Fail

I was sitting down in the cafeteria having coffee with a few of my co-workers the other day. Sue was telling me how disappointed she was that her parents  didn’t do anything special  for her sister on her birthday. “All they did was make her a tuna fish sandwich.” To which Rick asked, “Chunky or Solid?”

Guess you had to be there.

Freaky Friday…

Why does it seem like there is not one person in my life right now without drama.  In no particular order:

  • My best friend Karen officially broke up with her boyfriend.
  • My co-worker Patty just found out that due to a severe plumbing problem she’s going to have to move out of her apartment and into another unit while workers tear up her floors to correct a massive leak.  Plus her poor husband nearly had an amputation earlier this week from an infection – long story. (And she’s suffering a major hangover from the Jimmy Buffet concert last night.)
  • My former work husband’s mother-in-law died earlier this week and his wife’s 40th birthday is this weekend.
  • My friend Ginny’s buying her first house and the closing slipped from 6/24 to 6/30 because of a misleading appraisal that nearly sunk the whole deal.
  • My lunch got cancelled today because my co-worker Jillian called in sick.  She’s the friend who has Celiac disease so no mash potatoes at Uno’s in Natick today.
  • Another co-worker of mine (she sits opposite of me) has a mother who may have a second spinal fluid leak which requires another surgery.
  • Both Spencer and I have a cracked windshields this week that needs to be fixed.
  • The company that was scheduled to do my septic tank cleaning was given the wrong address and I saw him going to my next door neighbor’s house while I was on the way to work. It’s not Perry at 5 Miami St, it’s Perry at 9 Miami Street!  ‘Doh
  • Another co-worker Michelle had her Novocain wear off mid-procedure drilling.
  • And last but not least- A trifecta of entertainers died this week:  Michael Jackson (sequined white glove), Farrah Fawcett (famous for her nipple poster) and Ed McMahon (Publisher’s Clearing House will never be the same without him.)
And you’re wondering if I had any good news this week?  Yea, I saw the sun for like five minutes Thursday night.

And You Wonder Why I Don’t Cook?

My best buddy Marty sent me a picture a few weeks back of what looked like a grilled Guinea Pig with potatoes on a dinner plate.   I can only guess that she sent this to me because we’ve got this little private joke that dates back to our preteens when I had Guinea Pigs as pets because my grandmother wouldn’t allow dogs in the house.  (This was before the arrival of the blue-eyed puppy I named Syd Vicious).

The following is lifted directly from our mutual emails back and forth:

Marty: I don’t think you’d like Peru. This is one of their dishes there. Guinea Pig!

Me: HOLY SHIT!  Did you take this picture which means if you did I might have to seriously reconsider you as my best friend in the universe.  If you were just surfing the ‘net and came across this, well then, I’m OK with that.

Which is it?  (Please be surfing the ‘net)

Marty: LOL! You are a RIOT! I was looking for a photo of a Mexican dish I’ve had before, Chicharron, (fried pork fat and meat–yummy, but an artery clogger) and then I saw this and thought, “SHIT! Kim would shit a brick if she saw this!” So, that’s what happened. I have eaten rabbit, frog, alligator, snails, and loots of other stuff, but NEVER guinea pig! What kind of person do you think I am?!?!?! HA HA HA HA!

So I can’t help myself whenever I see something relating to Guinea Pigs, Rick Springfield or The Smurfs because that was our weird little language of best friendship back in the early 80’s.  Marty wrote dirty lyrics involving Smurfette to the tune of “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and she teased me because I had little piggies for pets.

It’s a good feeling to have a friend in your life that knew you way back when you lusted after Simon LeBon, could expel Cream of Mushroom soup through the nostrils at the slightest joke by her in sixth grade and felt bad about poor Johnny Green.

Sneak Peek of Marybeth’s Wedding

Marybeth shared some of her preliminary wedding photos.  The link was quickly spread across the office as all of her co-workers Ooooh’d and Ahhhh’d over these amazing photographs.

To see them for yourself, click here.

OMG – I immediately added this photographer to my Google Reader and am seriously considering asking Spencer if we can have her take a portrait of us with Minnie for our 20th Wedding Anniversary next year. 

Congratulations Marybeth Clark

Dear Marybeth,

I’m sitting here at the Mazda dealership waiting for my oil change to be done and it just hit me that today you and Chris are getting married! I am so happy for you both and wish you all the happiness that I’ve found being married to Spencer for these past 18 years.

I’m always surprised when people do a double take when I tell them we got married when I was 20 years old. Lots of people have told me that they would have been too young to get married at 20 because they still had too much of their life to live…I never once felt like that. I consider my marriage to be the best thing I ever ever did in my life and it’s one of the things I’m most proud of.

I’m so very happy that you’ll be surrounded by all your friends and your family-especially your dad. (Not that you were inviting anyone from work, but in a way I’m glad that you didn’t invite any of us because I would not have been able to control my emotions seeing you dance with your father. I miss my parents so much sometimes, but one thing I try to always remember to comfort myeslf is that my dad got to meet the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with and that was the best gift he could have ever given me.)

Today while I’m out with a friend having lunch and going to see that Daniel Craig movie, I’m going to imagine your dad’s face when he sees Wally at your wedding. I’m going to think about your big day and reflect on how excited I was so long ago getting married to Spencer.

I truly wish you and Chris all the happiness in the world.  Congratulations.

Love, Kim