Dear Comedy Central…

Dear Comedy Central,
Please DO NOT cancel Chocolate News!  I know I’m being a bit premature in thinking that there is even a possibility that this show won’t make it on your network, but I have to ask regardless.
I have been a faithful view of The Colbert Report since it launched back on 10/17/05 and I’ve watched it every night. But that was easy for me because I’ve loved Stephen Colbert since his Strangers With Candy days.  Loving his news show was a given.
Which brings me to Chocolate News.  I love David Alan Grier…always have and always will.  But never in my wildest dreams did I think his new show Chocolate News would be so crackerlishishly funny.  I am glued to the TV for every episode and I have to admit the writers outdid themselves coming up with the character of  24-yeard old Peanut Wiggins of Jacksonville, Florida – a volunteer at precinct 1″05…ah 9…7″ 
I laughed so hard watching this skit that I got some of my morning coffee up my nostrils which took me back to my days f sixth grade when my best friend Lisa used to make me laugh so hard that my Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup came out of my nose.  Gross, I know, but necessary to convey to you how much I love this show.
Please don’t cancel it.  Please!  Where else will I be able to get my daily fix of Urban Pop Culture?

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