Great Baby Shower Gift!

It’s times like these when I wish that I knew someone who is pregnant.  It’s certainly not me yet, but should I ever get invited to a baby shower – I’m bringing a plastering kit for the expectant mom because this is such a unique gift.

It costs $65 and the Original Belly Works Cast Kit contains everything a soon-to-be mom needs to remember this very special time in her life.  A time when she was big, fat and deleriously happy because she was bringing a new life into this world.

I recommend checking out the video of how to make the cast of the expectant mother’s belly-it doesn’t look too hard to do it.  You might also enjoy taking a look at the picture gallery of what some women did to decorate their nurseries and commemorate their pregnancy.

I know it might be considered a little weird to get this as a gift, but I never understood why mother’s would get their baby’s booties bronzed back in the 70’s.  I’d much rather have a cast of my big belly decorated in candy wrappers to hang in my baby’s nursery…but that’s just me.


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