Happy 50th Birthday Velcro

Yesterday marked the 50th birthday of Velcro and sadly, I wasn’t among the many who showed up to stand in a parade route that stretched nearly a mile long to rip eight inch strips of Velcro in a Wave-like fashion commonly seen in ball parks across the nation.

Participants in the unison ripping of Velcro strips were primarily employees and former employees of Velcro USA of Manchester, NH. I don’t know what’s more amazing – that former employees actually showed up or that grown men and women stood in a line to rip pieces of Velcro.

Sadly, I’d be that employee who would show up at Bose during a celebratory shindig wearing Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones and carrying a Bose Portable Sound Dock. I think it’s amazing and a true testament to people loving and respecting what they do (or did) and the employee’s of Velcro USA did it up right by participating in this unique event to celebrate 50 years of Velcro.

To read more about Velcro and the 50th Birthday celebration, click here.


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