Inax’s Satis Asteo Washlet Toilet

Toilets are getting so geeked out these days and I completely love it.

This toilet from Japan’s Inax has many advanced desirable features:

An SD card that contains pre-loaded music from Bach, Chopin and Mendelsohn. (Or you can insert your own SD card to listen to your personally selected music.) The toilet has a built-in sensor that begins to play music as you approach your porcelain throne. I wonder if it has a volume-control button to crank up the tunes to mask your potential not so personal sounds?

It has a smooth design exterior that makes for easy cleaning. No more hidden places in and around the toilet that are havens for vomit-splashes and other grimy residue.

This high-tech toilet has another sensor that can determine if you’re going to need to seat up or down and when you’re done doing your business, it defaults to putting the toilet seat in the down position. This should save all those future marital tiffs over seat position preference, huh?

And finally it has a built-in night light in the bowl for when you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. But as one reviewer said, you may not want this feature if you’re tossing your cookies from a night of partying.

Presently this toilet is only available in Japan. But if you’d like to learn more, you can visit the Google-translated corporate website here.


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