Dyson’s Hand Dryer

I know EVERYONE is checking their calendars and clocks waiting for June 29th at 6pm because that’s when the iPhone goes on sale. But for me, something more exciting has already launched this past Tuesday and I’m wondering why nobody cares?

Perhaps that’s a bit too harsh, but let me tell you about the Dyson Hand Dryer.

Forget those annoying hand blowers that are in bathrooms in place of the automatic paper dispensers that always jam up. Mr. Dyson has created a new gadget for us to love.

It’s simple. You wash your hands and then insert them into the hand dryer which is mounted on a wall waist high. There are infa-red sensors built into the dryer that starts up these jets of air that travel 400 mph which draws the water away from your hands in the blink of 12 seconds. The air isn’t heated so it saves about 80% in electricity, too. Worried about what happens to the air after your hands are dried? The Dyson Hand Dryer in pulled back in and filtered to remove bacteria and then it comes out the bottom.

What will this genius think of next?

I am fortunate to own the Dyson Root 6 vacuum. It was pretty expensive for a hand-held vacuum, but overall I’m disappointed because the rechargeable battery takes too long to charge and can’t hold a charge long enough to sustain its powerful suction. But I still own one Dyson product. Of course, I want the yellow vacuum regardless and I hope to someday own one.

But knowing how particularly annoying those blowing machines are in the corporate bathroom, I would love for our office to have this Dyson Hand Dryer. It’s not going to happen, but I just couldn’t wait to tell you about another gadget this week that should be getting as much attention as the iPhone.

(I first read about this new device in Business Week. You can click here to read the very same article if you want to know more details.)


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